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Jacket, Parkas, and Sweaters

High Visibility Jackets, Parkas, and Sweaters. Apparel can meet Class 2 and Class 3 requirements.


3A Safety - Reversible Two-Tone Class 3 Bomber Jacket
SKU: C3BM7200-S
Our price: $55.00

Ladies Lightweight Waterproof Jacket / Windbreaker
Our price: $38.00

Lightweight Waterproof Rain Long Coat
SKU: C3WIN5201-S
Our price: $38.68

Reversible Body Warmer
SKU: 3AS-C2BW8000-S
Our price: $34.99

Heavyweight Detachable Hooded Sweatshirt
SKU: C3SS4000-S
Our price: $31.61

ANSI Class III Windbreaker Jacket
SKU: C3WIN9001-S
Our price: $33.00

Lightweight Waterproof Parka / Rain Jacket
SKU: C3WIN5000-M
Our price: $40.43

3 Season Waterproof Thermal Jacket
SKU: C3BM7000-S
Our price: $48.88

3 Season Waterproof Thermal Jacket with Removable Liner
SKU: C3BM7100-S
Our price: $56.23

Waterproof Thermal Parka - Multi-purpose
SKU: C3PK6000-S
Our price: $59.54