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CERT Kits & Supplies

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) is a nationwide program that educates  volunteers about disaster preparedness. Using this training and CERT supplies, CERT members are able to provide emergency assistance alongside professional responders and/or prior to their arrival.
\ CERT Kits
CERT Gear Kits, Safety Packs, Upgrade Kits and more.
CERT Safety
Safety Helmets, Work Gloves, Respiratory Mask, Goggles, Disposable Gloves and more.
CERT Bags & Backpacks
Deluxe Hiking Backpacks & Gear.

\ CERT Vest
EMS, Fire, Police Breakaway Vest, ANSI, Reflective Vest
CERT Tools
Multi-Purpose Tools, Tape, Rope, Crowbar, Axe and more.
First Aid Kits & Supplies
All purpose First Aid Kits, Pocket First Aid, & More.
Flashlights & Radios
LED Lights, Lightsticks, Handcrank Radios, NOAA Radios
Megaphones, Waterproof Whistle, 5-in-1 Whistle.
Food and Rations
Emergency (MREs), and Emergency Water
CERT Sanitation
Brief Relief Commode, Portable Toilet, Antiseptic Sanitation Towelettes.
CERT Books & Pens
Rite In The Rain books.

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CERT First Aid Kits & Supplies
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CERT Vests and Jackets
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CERT Safety
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CERT Sanitation
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Flashlights & Radios
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CERT Bags & Backpacks
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CERT Books & Pens
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CERT Fulfillment Center

CERT Communication
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