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Emergency Food

The EDS emergency food section features two different types of rations: food bars and MREs (or Meal Ready to Eat). The MREs contain a greater variety of food stuffs, but they also have a higher sodium content, which increases the need for water. The low-sodium food bars are available in 2400 and 3600 calorie sizes.

MRE is short for Meal, Ready-to-Eat, which is an individual, self contained field ration in lightweight packaging used by the military to provide food and nutrition to its members in combat or field conditions where food was not readily available. MRE meals are perfect for food storage and emergency situations.

MRE shelf life:
Stored temp.
120° F
110° F
100° F
90° F
80° F
70° F
60° F
Calories: 1050 - 1500

In late 2007, a new brand of MREs came onto the market. These MREs were initially produced by one of the major MRE manufacturers for US military contractor in Iraq. Civilian agencies aren't allowed to buy military MREs so this company wanted an MRE-like product built for consumers. Since military MREs already come in "A" and "B" menus, these new MREs were nicknamed "Menu C" MREs.

Overall, these menu C MREs are very solid with a good variety of food. The Menu Cs contain 12 unique entrees so there isn't the "menu fatigue" you might get with other MREs that only contain 6 different entrees. With an average calories count of 1,146 calories per MRE, these are a little lower than military MREs but are still on par with its competitors. Thus these menu C MREs are perfect for emergency situations, camping, road trips and more...

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